Who We Represent

Our professional or occupational licensee clients are located throughout the State of Texas and beyond, and they reside in small towns as well as major cities, such as Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, and Lubbock. Business clients are located throughout Texas as well and may also be located outside the state and hold Texas licenses or otherwise be affected by actions of Texas state government. The list of persons and businesses that are required to be licensed, or otherwise regulated, by one or more government agencies is a long one. Fortunately, the basic legal background for all regulatory action is found in the Administrative Procedures Act. FosterLaw attorneys have wide experience and knowledge of administrative law enabling effective representation for the ever growing list of both individuals and businesses regulated by governmental agencies.

FosterLaw also represents competitive telecommunications, wireless companies and others in the communications industry with respect to regulatory matters before state utility commissions throughout the United States and before the Federal Communications Commission. Guidance and counseling is provided to communications businesses with respect to contracting, vendor and agent relationships, and strategic planning. Representation is also available for network facilities issues such as license agreements for utility pole attachments and building access.