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FCC Releases its Anticipated Small Cell Order

On September 27, 2018, the FCC released its much-anticipated order governing small cell deployment. Most significantly, the order set “presumptively reasonable fees” and a presumptively reasonable “shot clock” governing application processing time. Small Cell Fees The FCC concluded that small wireless facilities right-of-way (“ROW”) access fees, fees for the use of government property in the […]

National Verifier for Lifeline Hard Launch on November 2nd

The National Verifier for Lifeline service providers hard launches on November 2nd for Colorado, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.  There was a soft launch on October 15th for Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, New Hampshire, North Dakota and South Dakota.  Here is a link for the USAC webpage that describes the national verifier: https://www.usac.org/li/tools/national-verifier/default.aspx Service […]

Changes to the BON’s Rules on Removing Disciplinary Action after Sunset Review

This is the sixth part in an ongoing series in which we review some of the changes to Board of Nursing (BON) rules and law after its recent Sunset review. During the Sunset process, the Texas legislature decided that the BON should be required “to remove a nurse’s disciplinary action from the board’s website and […]